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I thought we were mates?
I thought we were mates?

The bell rings and the kids start to leave their last lesson to go home in a large inner city secondary school in London. Student X is blowing up a balloon in the corridor and as he sees Mr. B his Business teacher he calls out, “Happy birthday.” Then student..

Tips to get that teaching job you want!
Tips to get that teaching job you want!

Trying to get your first job or moving onto a new job can be daunting and at times challenging. Especially if after a few attempts the outcome has been negative. Therefore, I have linked a few articles on how the process of getting that teaching job can be made easier...

What makes a great teacher?
What makes a great teacher?

Most teachers impact lives and is a great vocation that brings personal satisfaction. So what are the qualities to make a great teacher? Set high expectations for all students This will ensure all students will reach their potential by ensuring bad behaviour or sub-standard work is not tolerated. Prepared and..


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