Recruiters FAQs


  • AFT Jobs stands for apply for teaching jobs. As the name suggest we advertise teaching related jobs.

  • Either you get the applicant to go on to your website to apply for the job or you can use our system where the applicant can apply using our application system and you will get an email notifying of an application and thereafter you contact the candidate from your dashboard.

  • If you are a member, you can log in using your member login details (your email address and password). You should have received an email confirming your details. If you have forgotten your password click here.
    If you are not a member then sign up.

  • Are you using the correct password? If it still does not work click here to re-set your password or click sign-in then Forgot Password

  • If you are getting the message please check you are typing the correct email address.  However if it persists 'this email is already registered on our system', you may have registered with us in the past and your details still exist on the system – either as a recruiter or a candidate. Please try using an alternative email address and password to register with.

  • Log in using your existing details. Once on your ‘Profile’, the option to change your password is located on the left hand side of the page.

  • Log in using your existing details. Once on your ‘Profile’, click on the heading ‘Company Profile’. This is where you can edit the information.

  • Log in using your existing details. Once on your ‘Profile’, click on ‘Post a New Job’ and complete the boxes provided.

  • Log in using your existing details. Once on your ‘Profile', click on the ‘Manage Jobs’ button on the top row. This will take you to your live vacancies, where you will find an edit button to the right hand side. Click on this and edit the job.

  • Your vacancy will be advertised for the time period that you specify on the vacancy loading form.

  • Once your vacancy has closed, it will fall into the ‘Expired’ tab located within ‘Manage Jobs’.

  • If you asked the candidate to apply through your website then it will depend on the instructions you give.

    However, if you use our system where candidates apply through AFT Jobs using our application form then you will get a email notification. Thereafter, you can log on and  click on 'Manage Jobs'  and click on 'Applications'. This will take you to a page of all the candidates that have applied. You can thereafter click on 'Actions' and give you access to their application forms, CV and supporting statement and contact the candidate.

  • 1. Write the description.. At the bottom of the description type the word "Apply On School Website"
    2. Highlight and click the hyperlink
    3. Add the address of your website
    4. Then press OK