What makes a great teacher?


Most teachers impact lives and is a great vocation that brings personal satisfaction.

So what are the qualities to make a great teacher?

  • Set high expectations for all students

This will ensure all students will reach their potential by ensuring bad behaviour or sub-standard work is not tolerated.

  • Prepared and organised

Lessons are well planned and teacher is organised.

  • Engage students

An enthusiastic and passionate teacher will engage and inspire students in their subject.

  • Form strong relationships with their students and show that they care about them as people

This will earn students respect and will get students to make progress in a lesson.

  • Create a sense of community

When students can speak and know they will be heard and respected by the teacher and students it will create an environment where teaching and learning occurs and students will feel they can ask and enquire.

  • Adaptability

If the students do not get something the teacher will adapt other strategies.

  • Communication skills

Communication is vital for the student to understand and improve. Communication is vital for parents so they can support the child. Communication is vital with colleagues as collaborations is important, feedback is taken in a positive manner and the right information is passed on to students.

Some of these qualities come naturally to educators, but there are always areas for improvement. Overall, a great teacher is one who is a lifelong learner.


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